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These present Directives concerns products intended for human or, in exceptional cases, animal consumption listed under the common customs tariff headings set out in Annex I and in or on which are found the pesticide residues listed in Annex II. These Directives does not apply to fruit and vegetables intended for export to third countries.

Definitions of "pesticide residues " and "putting into circulation".

Member States must ensure the free circulation throughout the Community of products containing certain pesticide residues not exceeding the maximum levels laid down in Annex II. In certain justified cases, the Member States may authorize levels higher than the said maximum levels.

Where a maximum level fixed in Annex II endangers the health of humans or of animals, a Member State may temporarily reduce that level in its own territory. In that case it shall immediately notify the other Member States and the Commission thereof.

Member States shall ensure compliance with the maximum levels laid down in these Directives by carrying out official random checks. 

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