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We at Daulat Agro, have established an integrated value chain for fruits & vegetables in which we manage all the activities from seed sowing to delivering finished products to end customer. Company has established a primary infrastructure of a value chain which includes
A. Backward Integration: Production & Procurement of Agriculture Produce
B. Processing Unit: Fruits & Vegetables Processing
C. Forward Integration: Marketing of the processed products Channel Partners

A. Backward Integration

For processing of fruits & vegetables, we require a huge amount of Agriculture Produce as raw material. We procure all tropical fruits & vegetables of different quality, grade & variety as we have different product lines with distinguished requirements as per customer types. Company is focusing on three major districts in Maharashtra state which are convenient and suitable as per the requirement of the processing unit: Ahmednagar, Pune & Nashik. For collection of agriculture produce, company is expanding its backward line through franchising of 'Collection Centers'. Number of collection centers: 25 nos. Collection centers location: At various Village & Taluka locations in Ahmednagar, Pune, & Nashik district. Proposed Activities: Collection, Sorting, Grading, Cutting & related activities. Basis of Return on investment: Commission to the franchisee For more details mail us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

B. Forward Integration

Marketing of Agriculture Produce is a challenging job. Though the requirement in the market is huge, fulfilling the same is a tough task. Delivering the products of right quality, at right place & time in most hygienic condition is the need of time.
We at Daulat Agro are planning to establish 'Marketing Kiosks' with sales, distribution & storage facilities at different locations across the Pune city. Here, company is applying same strategy of franchising which is a great opportunity for the existing and upcoming entrepreneurs.
Number of collection centers: 25 nos.
Marketing Kiosks location: At various locations in Pune city with large number of residents.
Proposed Activities: Sales, distribution & customer relationship management.
Basis of Return on investment: Fixed profit margins on various products to the franchisee

For more details email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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